Hill and Pond Style

Japanese Garden with Lakes,Mountains and Islands

Hill and Pond Style Garden This is also known as “Pond and Island”,"Crane and Tortoise" or “Artificial-Hill”style.Developed over 2000 years ago in China its based on the rugged coastline of the area.

The fable is told of the of the 5 Mystic Isles of the Blest believed to be off the coast of modern day Korea.The immortals (Hsien) lived here and travelled on the backs of Cranes from island to isle.

Fifteen sea turtles supported the islands and when a giant caught six of the turtles two Isles floated off and were never seen again.Longing for immortality Emperor Wu of Han in China devised a plan to get the Hsien to his estate and built a huge lake with palaces named after the Mystic Isles.Once the Hsien came he hoped he would then learn their secret to immortality! Obviously the scale of these gardens was huge and equated with immense wealth,only affordable by nobility,especially in a country as scarce of land as Japan.

This style of garden is probably the most popular style of Japanese garden in the west and by using design simplification and forced diminishing perspective a minature version can be created in your suburban garden. In the larger garden,there will be an island accessible by a bridge.In the miniature version,small island stones take the form of suggesting tortoises or cranes in a pond.In the full sized garden,actual hills with paths to stroll through may be replaced by outcrops of clustered rocks mimicking mountains or plants shaped to represent rolling hills.With the techniques described a garden with a lush mountain scene complete with a lake and waterfall can be constructed in your own backyard!

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