Japanese Garden Pictures - pictures speaks a thousand words.

My first Japanese garden picture is a photo of the garden was in 2003 with a very agressive wisteria on an old pagola and some very tame Sulpher Creasted Cockatoos that the children feed.The wisteria was very nice when flowering with pendulus purple flowers .. but they are a very fast grower and needed to be pruned very often. Nine years later we are still finding shoots coming through the decking from seeds!


2003 DEC. Old garden + cockatoos


JAPANESE GARDEN PICTUE FROM 2006 and the site of the new Japanese Zen-Rock_Courtyard garden is marked out on the right hand side. The photo shows the two COCKIES are still hanging around on the roof !! 2006 August Proposed Japanese garden strip


JAPANESE GARDEN PICTURE FROM NOVEMBER 2006. The house extention has been started. The proposed Japanese Zen-Rock-Courtyard garden is to be on the right hand side in the photo.The courtyard garden can then be viewed from the NEW extended house.

2006 NOV.10 veiw from btm pool


JAPANESE GARDEN PICTURE FROM DECEMBER 2006. THE START - Photo shows a Japanese lantern has been added and the first Japanese Maple tree has been planted.Rocks and a "dry" gravel stream are to be added next.

2006 DEC. garden lh pool


JAPANESE GARDEN PICTURE FROM DECEMBER 2006. ITS SUMMER DOWN HERE! First azaelea planted and the half bamboo pole fence (2 metres by 1 metre wide which is around US$60)has been completed. The criss cross bamboo partition is to show the extent (end) of the courtyard garden. Azaleas and Japanese maples of differing colours will be added.

2006 DEC.  jap grd bamboo seperater